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What are the benefits of cnc precision parts processing?


In the part processing production work, what is important is the accuracy requirements, especially CNC precision parts processing, which is a basic requirement. Because CNC precision parts processing itself requires higher requirements, the role that can be reached is better! Shenzhen Huiwen Zhizao Technology Co., Ltd. briefly explained "What are the benefits of CNC precision parts"?

1. Multi-axis control multi-axis linkage: Most of the commonly used machining centers are three-axis linkage. After adding swing angle reverse coordinates, four-axis linkage, five-axis linkage, seven-axis linkage even more axis linkages Machining Center.

2. Parallel machine tools: The functions of commonly used machining centers are relatively fixed, combining vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, machining centers, turning centers, etc. to form a machining system, increasing the machining scale machining capacity of the machine tool.

Stainless steel complex parts processing

3. Tool breakage alarm: use infrared, acoustic emission, laser other detection methods to detect the tool. When the tool is found to be worn, damaged, etc., it will promptly alarm, actively compensate replace the spare tool to ensure product quality.

4. Tool life management: handle multiple blades on one tool several tools working together to improve processing power.

5. Active protection of machine tool overload: The machine tool can actively protect the machine tool according to the load size in the process of processing. When the load exceeds the maximum load set by the machine tool, the machine tool automatically shuts down. The load size can be set changed by yourself.

6. Machining dynamic entity simulation: During the machining process, it is easy to investigate the processing status of certain parts in the machine tool. If the dynamic entity simulation function is added, the machining status of the workpiece can be investigated at any time. Knife cutting, over-cutting, only, unreasonable steps, etc.

Parts Processing

7. Workpiece online detection: also known as real-time detection, which means real-time detection of the workpiece during the processing process, timely detection correction of errors. This function can effectively avoid the problem of re-clamping positioning caused by the unqualified inspection after the conventional processing, shorten the production time increase the production power.

8. Adaptive control: the machine tool with this function can change the cutting status (such as cutting force, temperature, etc.) during the processing process, then control the machine tool to change the cutting amount in time through the adaptive control system, so that the machine tool tool Maintain the best condition, then obtain higher cutting power processing quality, extend the service life of the tool.


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