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Reasons for oil leakage in cnc machining center


In the whole process of processing, there are always some unexpected problems without problems, but no matter what problems are dealt with immediately, oil leakage is a more common problem. Assuming there is oil leakage, it is very simple to find, because this is caused by CNC milling machine formed by hydraulic cylinder. If it is an accomplice, then it is very simple to maintain. Assuming it is a cylinder, it is very inconvenient, then it will be more serious to form the end of the equipment. Let's work together to find out what constitutes a system vulnerability in the cnc processing management center. The conversion of processed crude oil for high-precision parts does comply with regulations.

It also often causes oil spills at cnc processing centers. The shortcomings in the sale of refined oil products are manifested in three levels. For low-viscosity lubricating grease parts, arbitrarily transforming high-viscosity lubricating grease will jeopardize the sealing properties of the housing the hole shaft. Secondly, when the car's fuel tank is cleaned, the car's fuel tank will be stained into the body smooth system, block the fuel pipe, damage the seal cause oil leakage.

Imported 630 stainless steel parts

Due to the mixing of rolling elements, especially in the case of rolling elements, oil spills are much more simple. Oil leakage is caused by poor selection adjustment of various parts of the smooth system. Oil leakage is caused by poor selection adjustment of various parts of the smooth system. For example, CNC machining process maintenance workers choose high-pressure gasoline pumps, adjust system software working pressure, speed control valves, valves, pressure regulating valves, etc. If the sealing system software is matched, oil leakage will occur.

In fact, the oil leakage of the cnc machining center is only the said point. Assuming that people encounter difficulties in the vicinity of their operations, they must check find the reason immediately to avoid the remaining hazards. After purchasing at the machining center, do a comprehensive inspection to see if there are defects damage to the castings, if there is any immediate contact with the manufacturer.

Aluminum alloy 5052 parts

When the operator the cnc processing management center collaborate in their work, they should also pay attention to the following: the processing of high-precision parts CNC primary tool radius compensation processing technology should the unipolar practice operation method.

When the cnc milling machine is started, the speed ratio the cutting ratio S are at the least parts, the high efficiency is improved after drilling. During the operation of cnc milling machine, attention should be paid to the coordinate display information of CNC machine tools. It is strictly forbidden to touch the CNC blade of the cnc milling machine by hand cut. You must use a soft brush to organize the integrated ic.


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