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What is precision part processing?


Do you know what high-precision mechanical parts processing? According to the literal meaning: that is, very high-precision mechanical processing. High-precision mechanical parts processing is a type of mechanical processing, but this is precision mechanical processing. With the development of industrial production the continuous transformation of requirements, inseparable mechanical processing has already changed a lot, its classification is more more. Its position is getting finer the position is more systematic. With the development of high-tech, its technicality continues to improve, the quality accuracy of production processing are getting higher higher.

Aluminum alloy 5052 parts

The development of high-tech economic development feels the inseparable position of the development of mechanical equipment. Since the emergence of mechanical equipment, there have always been relative mechanical parts. But as a course, mechanical parts are extracted mechanical equipment structure structural mechanics. With the development of China's machinery, the emergence of new planning theories methods, new materials, new technologies new processes, mechanical parts have entered a new development link.

Finite element method, fracture mechanics, ductile fluid mechanics dynamic pressure humidification, improved planning, credibility planning, auxiliary planning planning (CAD), solid line model (Pro, Ug, Solidworks, etc.), structural analysis planning methodology Such basic theories have been gradually used in the scientific research planning of mechanical parts. As soon as possible, maintain the inclusiveness of various courses, maintain the close integration of macroeconomics external economy, explore new basic principles structures, choose a large number of daily dynamic planning precise planning, use computers more reasonably, further develop planning theories methods This is the key trend of this course.

Aluminum alloy 6061 black oxidized parts

Therefore, precision machinery equipment will be more more generalized in the future. It is no longer a simple mechanical processing. The integration of it with new technology will fully exert its effectiveness. Flyby. After that, it will become a key scientific research, service projects will be carried out in industrial production.


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