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The advantages of cnc machining center


After the workpiece is clamped once in the machining center, the large digital active control system can operate the machine tool according to different processes, actively disassemble the CNC blades, actively change the lathe spindle speed ratio, cutting speed, CNC blade relative workpiece track He assisted the work function, successively produced processed multiple appearances multiple processes of workpieces. In addition, it has various functions of tool change tool selection, which further improves the yield.

Due to the centralized work fully active tool change, the machining center reduces the time of workpiece clamping, accurate measurement machine tool adjustment, etc., so that the drilling time of the machine tool can be 80% of the starting time of the machine tool_up down (general machine tools Only 15 ~ 20%); In addition, it also reduces the work capital turnover, delivery storage time of the process center, reduces the production cycle time, which has obvious economic development practical effects. The machining center is suitable for small medium-sized high-volume production processing centers with very complex part attitudes, high precision rules, frequent product replacement.It is called cnc, which is an efficient active technology composed of industrial equipment CNC machine tools for producing processing complex posture workpieces machine tool. The machining center is also called a computer gong.

Aluminum 7075 parts-five-axis machining

The machining center is always equipped with CNC cutters, which take advantage of the full active tool change function. After clamping the workpiece once, the CNC lathe is produced processed in multiple processes. The machining center is an electromechanical product with high aspect ratio. After the workpiece is clamped, the CNC machine tool can operate the machine tool to automatically according to different processes, disassemble replace the CNC blade, actively adjust the tool, actively change the spindle bearing speed ratio, cutting speed, etc. Continue to carry out several processes such as drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping, etc., which greatly reduces the process time of auxiliary tools such as workpiece clamping time, accurate measurement, machine tool conditioning. high.

The characteristics of machining parts on the machining center are: after the workpiece is processed once, the CNC machine tool can operate the machine tool to actively disassemble the CNC blade according to the different procedures; fully change the lathe spindle speed ratio, cutting speed The orbit its function keys of the CNC blade relative to the workpiece continue to actively expand the rotating hole, countersinking, reaming, boring, tapping external thread, cutting other multi-process production processing on each production surface of the workpiece.

Aluminum alloy robot joint

Because the machining center can gather actively carry out a variety of processes, it prevents the actual operation deviation of human factors, reduces the workpiece clamping, accurate measurement machine tool conditioning time, the work capital turnover, transportation storage time It further improves the high efficiency of production processing the precision of production processing, so it has excellent economic benefits. The machining center can be divided into a CNC machining center a gantry machining center according to the position of the spindle bearing in the indoor space.


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