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cnc processing


CNC machining is the most widely used in mechanical processing, it is often used in many companies. In the production process, production is generally based on practical artifacts. For this purpose, the production process is planned. Do you know the process of CNC processing? The following is a simple analysis for everyone. The key is divided into six processes.

1. Functional analysis

Before the production of parts before production, the company should first analyze the product. Based on the analysis of the production function, the company must first obtain certain information about the composition method, there are also parts processing rules, such as main parameters main skill indicators These ones.

2. Graphic creativity

The graphic plan is reflected in the analysis of the product, including the posture of the parts the wheelhouse. According to the analysis L, it is necessary to clear the type of parts. It is easy to use graphics software to develop the drawing.

Aluminum alloy blue oxidized parts

3. Overall process planning

The process of different parts is different. CNC machining in Ningbo can adhere to a variety of processes. Considering the complexity of production, the plain memory-the machine must be used. The process is generally analyzed according to the appearance processing rules of the workpiece products, so as to calculate a useful processing flow.

4. Production process of CNC blades

In practice, this stage means that the process is adhered to based on mobile phone software, for example, setting various major production parameters, including improving the way of CNC blades.

5. Path simulation

After the method is converted into the mobile phone software, zui must be fully used on the CNC lathe, but simulation should be carried out before use. Simulation of the method can reduce the deviations that will be caused by practical processing reduce the non-conformance rate . -Generally, the most important thing is to check the practical effect of the appearance of the workpiece, over-cut under-cut, scientific research on the overall process planning of the process.

6. Path output

The way output is the necessary process of computer programming reflected on the CNC lathe. According to the way output, the basic CNC machine tool effect can be adhered to, which is the key practical significance of CNC machining in this world.

Aluminum alloy parts

The exertion of CNC machining skill power is largely related to the company's own skill management model. The standardization standardization of the preparation of CNC machining programs reflect the application level of the company's own CNC machining skills to a certain extent. Through standardization to restrict the diversification of CNC programs improve the quality of tool tracks, for example, the positioning standards, Tool calibration, coordinate system, tool parameters cutting parameters; for programming, it can be standardized programming many aspects such as 2D contour machining, 3D surface machining, fixed cycle, tool compensation tool track machining strategy; in typical parts processing Based on the process experience, the establishment of standardized standardized CNC program templates can greatly improve the programming quality product processing power.


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