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Why is the machining accuracy of cnc inaccurate?


CNC machining is a production processing method for machining parts components for mechanical parts.Therefore, the rules for processing CNC CNC lathes into tea are very high, the products with too low precision are remade as much as possible. Reporting the fee immediately is very frightening for CNC manufacturers. Jiezhong CNC lathes are the reasons solutions for the prohibition of CNC machining precision with everyone.

1. The cast iron product model is accurate the surface lubrication is poor.

Causes of mechanical failure: the sharp edge of the CNC tool is damaged sharp; the machine tool causes a common shock is unstable in placement; the machine tool has crawling motion; the production process is very good.

Solution: CNC machining tools are damaged sharp after damage, then sharpen the knife again choose a stronger CNC tool to set the tool again. The reason why the mechanical equipment is stable will change the crawling movement due to the damage of the pallet slide rail, the ball screw is damaged falls down,

The machine tool should pay attention to protection maintenance. In the future, the fine iron wire should be eliminated, grease should be added immediately to reduce friction; the appropriate engine coolant for the production processing of cast iron parts. It is possible to use a higher reduction ratio of the lathe spindle.

Aluminum alloy parts

2. Cast iron parts lead to mechanical failure caused by the taper size head: the level of the machine tool placement is adjusted well, one is high one is low, which causes unstable placement when drilling the short shaft, it is harder to contribute raw materials, the CNC tool is deeper. , Resulting in a knife situation: the tailstock mold thimble is concentric with the lathe spindle.

Solution: Use a level to adjust the flatness of the machine tool, get a solid foundation foundation, fix the machine tool without changing it changing it to improve its ductility; effective production process moderate drilling tool durability Avoid the pressure of the CNC tool to make the knife; adjust the tailstock.

3. The position lights of the controller are all normal, the cast iron products produced are processed in large small models.

Reasons for mechanical failure: The machine tool pallet cannot be prevented running at high speed, resulting in damage to the screw nut roller bearing; the continued precision of the tool holder will cause errors in the use of the turret; the pallet can accurately return to the starting ending point of production processing every time The cast iron product model is still changing. This kind of situation is generally caused by the lathe spindle. The high-speed rotation of the lathe spindle causes serious damage to the roller bearings, resulting in a change in the model of the processed product.

Aluminum alloy parts

Solution: The fat table rests on the bottom of the knife holder.In addition, according to the system software, write a fixed will change the operation process of the digestion system, check the continued precision of the pallet, adjust the screw nut open space, Disassembly assembly of roller bearings; dial indicator to check the continued precision of the tool holder, adjustment of mechanical equipment disassembly assembly of the tool holder; use the dial indicator to check whether the cast iron parts produced processed are accurately returned to the starting ending points of the operation process, if yes, then repair Lathe spindle, disassembly assembly of roller bearings.


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