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How to maintain the CNC machining center?


Appropriate actual operation maintenance of CNC lathes can avoid abnormal damage of the machine tool prevent the machine tool being suddenly invalid. Careful maintenance of the machine tool can maintain the long-term stability of the machining accuracy of the machine tool increase the service life of the machine tool.

Basic rules for the use of CNC machinery

1. The rules of CNC machinery equipment should be bypassed in areas ambient humidity, excessive dust corrosion of vapors should be avoided;

2. Avoid sun exposure other radiant heat. High-precision CNC machinery should eliminate sensational machines equipment, such as high-speed punching machines forging equipment.

3. The operating temperature of the machine equipment should be operated at the center of 15 ~ 35 degrees. The temperature control of precision machining is around 20 degrees, the temperature is strictly controlled.

4. In order to avoid the large rugged area of the switching power supply (more than 10% of the positive negative poles) the damage of the instantaneous electromagnetic interference, use a unique road switching power supply (such as the independent road of the low-voltage distribution box of the NC machine tool), then stabilize Voltage power supply. It can reduce the damage of power supply system quality electrical equipment dryness.

Normal production accuracy is maintained

1.After starting, the equipment must be heated for up to 10 minutes before it can be processed; equipment that is needed for a long time should add heating time;

2. Check whether the fuel pipe is smooth;

3. Place the console saddle on the equipment base before shutting down (move the three-axis travel organization to the center of each axis travel organization)

4. Keep the machine tool dry clean.

Aluminum alloy batch parts

Daily maintenance

1. Dust iron cutting of the machine tool daily: including the machine tool operation panel, spindle bearing cone hole, CNC blade CNC lathe, cutter head taper rocker, CNC blade magazine arm CNC blade magazine, tool holder, xy axis metal sheet Covers, soft plastic hoses in machine tools, groove chain equipment, cutting grooves, etc.

2. Check the aspect ratio of the grease level gauge to ensure the moistening of the machine tool;

3. Check whether the freezing liquid in the freezing liquid tank can be added immediately.

4. Check if the gas pressure is normal-

5.Check the blow of the cone hole in the spindle bearing to see if everything is normal, scrub the cone hole in the spindle bearing with neat pure cotton cloth, spray paint with light oil;

6. Arms special tools for cleaning utensils, especially claws.

7. Check all the traffic lights, alarm lights-normal;

8. Check if the car's oil pressure module tube is leaking.

9. Organize after the daily affairs of the machine tool;

10. Keep the clean natural environment around the equipment.

Car wheels

Weekly maintenance

1. Arrange the filter devices of the air filter, cooling pump lubrication pump of the heat exchanger.

2. Check if the anchor bolts of the special tool fall off the collet is cleaned.

3. Check whether the endpoint of the three-axis mechanical equipment is off-center.

4. Check whether the fitness movement of the tool change arm is stable the rotation of the main shaft is stable.

5. If there is a water cooler to check the oil, if you are learning the calibration line below, please give the oil cold oil immediately.

6. Eliminate the residue moisture in the compressed air, check the welding fumes separate the remaining oil in the equipment. Check whether all the relays are working properly, check the sealing status of A pneumatic system, because the quality of the pneumatic system immediately damages the tool change intake system.


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