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What are the errors in the manufacturing of precision machining?


The precision of parts processing refers to the actual value of the main parameters of the geometrical shape of the steel castings (standard, geometric figure posture mutual parts, the external economic unevenness of the wheel corridor) after the mechanical processing production, the ideal value of the design plan Consistent level. Processing error refers to the actual deviation of the main parameters of the geometric figure the idealized value of its design scheme. The smaller the processing error, the higher the processing accuracy.

There are several types of errors in the processing of mechanical parts.

1. The deviation of the actual standard the idealized standard after processing the standard error cast steel parts. The idealized standard refers to the average value of the larger lesser two limit standards indicated on the sample map, that is, the base value of the standard public service zone.

2. Posture error: Refers to the difference ( offset level) of the actual posture of the cast steel after processing to its ideal posture, such as roundness parallelism.

Plastic gear parts processing

3. Part error: refers to the difference ( offset level) of the mutual parts of the appearance, center line center of the symmetrical plan view of the steel casting after processing, such as parallelism azimuth.

4. The appearance of the external economic geometrical shape of the cast steel after the processing of the external economic unevenness is composed of small intervals peaks valleys. The external economic unevenness of the appearance of steel castings is expressed by the value of the judgment parameter of roughness.

Part processing errors are caused by many error elements of the processing technology system software. For example, the basic principle of the processing method is wrong, the positioning of the steel castings is accurately positioned, the production production of CNC blades for tooling fixtures are incorrect damaged, the production installation of CNC lathes are incorrect damaged. In the process of compression, thermal deformation friction vibration, there are also geometric errors of the blank measurement deviations in processing.

Aluminum alloy UAV parts processing

When machining cnc fine parts, the drilling capacity of the workpiece is large, the drilling heat, cutting speed, clamping force are also large. The blank has its own stress concentration. After the mechanical processing, the stress concentration will be spread again, the workpiece will cause a large deformation. After the division of the machining process, the errors deformation caused by the initial processing are corrected according to the semi-depth processing deep processing, the process performance accuracy of the mechanical equipment processing parts are significantly improved.

In order to ensure the precision of the processing of fine parts, the processing of coarse fine mechanical parts should be carried out separately. Due to the large amount of drilling when machining rough mechanical parts, the workpiece is subjected to cutting speed, large clamping force, many calorific values, its mechanical parts have obvious cold hardening conditions on the surface, there is a lot of stress inside the workpiece Gather, assuming that the machining of rough rough mechanical parts continues, the accuracy of the parts after deep processing will be lost due to the reappearance of ground stress.


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