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What are the requirements for cnc precision parts processing?


The key to the processing of cnc precision parts is the rules at the scale level.For example, how much the cylindrical column passes straight through, it is strictly managed, the positive negative errors are only qualified parts within the scope of the required rules, otherwise the full length width of the parts are also practically strict Management, the positive negative errors are the same, there are requirements, such as an embedded cylinder (taking a very simple base component as an example), assuming that the straight through is very large, it exceeds the allowable range of the error, it will lead to a situation it cannot be inserted, assuming In fact, straight warp is very small, exceeding the low limit of error tolerance, it will lead to the problem of loose insertion unconsolidation. This kind of full product, the length of the cylinder is too long too short, beyond the tolerance of the error. The full product is necessary to be abolished, processed again, as it will definitely lead to cost Promote.

The rules of cnc high-precision precision parts processing actually mean the key scale problem of zui. We must strictly implement more engineering drawings to develop the processing. The actual scale processed is undoubtedly easy to be the same as the theoretical scale of the engineering drawings, just If the processing scale is within the tolerance range of errors, it will be full of qualified parts. Therefore, the rule of processing high-precision parts means strictly implementing the basic theoretical scale for processing.

Carbon fiber parts

Secondly, it means excellent precision parts processing equipment testing instruments, excellent production equipment makes it easier to process high-precision parts, higher precision, stronger actual results. The testing instrument can detect the parts that have fulfilled the rules, so that all the products sent to the customers can truly comply with the rules. The left right means that the rules for processing high-precision parts are introduced in detail. Waiting can help you.

In order to ensure the precision of precision parts processing, the rough fine mechanical parts are processed separately. When machining rough mechanical parts, the amount of cutting is large, the cutting force clamping force on the workpiece are large, the heat is large, the machining surface of the mechanical parts has a significant processing hardening phenomenon.There is a large internal stress inside the workpiece. The rough rough mechanical parts are processed continuously, the precision of the finished parts will be quickly lost due to the re-dispersion of stress.

Carbon fiber parts

Precision parts processing skills are advanced manufacturing skills developed to meet the needs of modern high-skills, the basis for the implementation of other high-tech skills. It summarizes the application of new achievements in mechanical skills high-tech skills such as modern electronics, sensing skills, optics computers. At the same time, as the basic skills important components of modern high-tech, it also promotes the cross-development of multiple skills such as semiconductor skills, optoelectronic skills, materials science. Machining methods with machining accuracy up to 1 micron, precision parts processing is done under strict controlled environmental conditions, using precision machine tools precision measuring tools gauges.


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