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cnc aluminum parts processing matters needing attention


As we all know, aluminum alloy beams, frame aluminum profiles, frame aluminum profiles of general equipment require deep processing before they can be put into use. This process needs to go through sawing, drilling, tapping, slot milling other processes. Customers can choose the machine according to the precision of aluminum parts aluminum alloys.

The editor will take you to learn CNC aluminum parts processing precautions:

Engine shell processing

1. The speed of the white steel knife is too fast. When the workpiece is too high, it should be layered roughened with knives of different lengths.

2. When walking WCUT, if you can walk FINISH, don't walk ROUGH. When the shape of the light knife is rough, first finish, then finish, when the workpiece is too high, first smooth the edge, then light the bottom.

3. After roughing with a large knife, use a small knife to shovel out the remaining material to ensure that the remaining amount is the same. The flat surface is processed with a flat-bottom knife, less ball cutters are used to reduce the processing time.

4. Reasonably set up public service to balance processing precision computer accounting time. When it is rough, the public service is set to 1/5 of the remaining amount, when it is smooth, the public service is set to 0.01.

5. The four corners of the school plane must be flat. Try to take a simple path, such as shape, grooving, single-sided, less walking around the height. Do a little more work to reduce empty knife moments. Think a little bit more reduce the chance of error. Make a little more auxiliary line auxiliary surface to improve the processing status.

Aluminum alloy 5052 parts

6. the slope is an integer, use a slope cutter to process, for example, the pipe position. Before doing each procedure, think about the remaining amount after processing in the previous procedure to avoid empty knife excessive machining.

7. Build a sense of responsibility carefully check each parameter to avoid rework. Diligent in learning, long in thinking, making continuous progress. For non-planar milling, use more ball cutters, less end cutters, don't be afraid of picking up the knife; small knives to clean the corners, large knife finishing; don't be afraid to make up the surface. Appropriate surface repair can improve the processing speed beautify the processing effect.


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