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What is the impact of improper processing of CNC processing technology?


What is the impact of improper processing of CNC processing technology?

Using cnc processing equipment for processing, the power is high the quality is good, but if the process planning is handled properly, it will directly affect the output even the quality. Today, the editor will share with us the technical problems:

CNC machining parts

1. The cnc process is too scattered

The reason for this problem is the fear of complexity (referring to the preparation time), simple programming, simplified operation processing, the use of a knife processing is easy to adjust the tool setting, is used to general processing. This causes the product quality (azimuth public service) to be difficult to guarantee, the production power cannot be played well. Therefore, cnc processing technicians operators should have a comprehensive understanding of CNC machining knowledge, try more to grasp the relevant knowledge, choose the method of process convergence as much as possible. It will naturally show its advantages. After the selection of the process meeting, the processing time of the unit increased. We set up the two equipment face to face, completed the operation of two equipment by one person, the power was greatly improved, the quality was well guaranteed.

2. The cnc processing sequence is unreasonable

Some cnc processing operators consider the preparation problems often arrange the processing order extremely unreasonably. CNC machining is usually carried out according to the requirements of general mechanical processing technology, such as first thick then thin (tool change), first inside then outside, reasonable selection of cutting parameters, etc., so that quality efficiency can be improved.

Use G00 (G26, G27, G29) fast positioning instructions carefully. The G00 instruction brings great convenience to programming use. However, if it is properly set up used, it will often cause undesirable consequences such as overshoot during return to zero due to excessively high speed settings, reduced accuracy, scratches on the rail surface of the equipment. Failure to pay attention to the zero return route is prone to safety accidents that collide with workpieces equipment. Therefore, when considering the use of the G00 instruction, it should be considered comprehensively randomly.

In CNC machining, special attention should be paid to strengthen the retrieval trial operation of the program. After the program is entered into the control system, the operator should use the SCH key the ↑, ↓, ←, → movement keys to perform the disapproval recognition search, revise the program if necessary to ensure the accuracy of the program. Together, before the formal execution of the program processing, it is necessary to pass the program trial operation (turn on the power amplifier) to recognize whether the processing route is the same as the planned route.

The above are some common problems solutions when using cnc processing equipment. There may be some other problems in practical work, but as long as cnc processing technicians operators consider more positions, carefully master the common knowledge skills in CNC, CNC equipment can play the best for the enterprise- Great benefits.


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