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How to improve the quality of CNC machining workpieces


 1. Before CNC machining, please use the calibrator to check whether the tool swings within the allowable tolerance range. Before processing, the blade locking nozzle should be blown clean with an air gun, wiped with a cloth to install the knife. Accuracy quality have some influence.

Hardware parts processing

2. The program list of CNC machining files should be normalized, including model, name, program name, processing content, tool size, feed, especially the safe length of the tool holder, the reserve margin for each program the indicator light To be clear.

3. The CNC machining program list should be consistent with the direction of the reference angle indicated by the mold, then check the upper 3D map, especially the workpiece that has been transported with water, you must check whether the 3D map the level on the workpiece are consistent.

4. Before processing, you must understand the content of the CNC processing program. The program must have 2D 3D textures, it must be marked with "X length, Y width, Z height" six-sided data, which should be marked as "Z" value It is convenient for the operator to check whether the data is correct after processing. Tolerance data should be indicated when there is a tolerance.

5. Reasonable use of CNC machining tools should strictly distinguish the processing of steel copper male light knife. The remaining amount of light knife should be reasonable to make the workpiece finish tool life better.

6. When clamping, please pay attention to whether the name model of the CNC machining workpiece are the same as the program list, whether the material size matches, whether the clamping height is high enough, the number of calipers used.

7. CNC machining speed should be strictly controlled by the operator. The F speed S spindle speed should be adjusted reasonably. When the F speed is fast, the S spindle should be accelerated. The paper feed speed must be adjusted in different areas. After processing, check the quality without any problems, then you can get off the car perform perfect processing.


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