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Shenzhen Huiwen Intelltgent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd

Phone: 0755-85275462

Q Q: 2281300450

Email: maker@hw-robots.com

Website: www.hw-robots.com

Website: en.hw-robots.com

Address: Building F3, Tianyou Chuangke Industrial Park, No. 2, Lixin Road, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

service industry:

Intelligent robots, aerospace, automotive industry, wind power generation, intelligent automation equipment, health medical equipment, optical equipment, microwave communication, other industries with mechanical processing needs.

Service Content:

Accuracy: ± 0.01mm for metal parts, ± 0.05mm for plastic parts

Materials: aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, magnesium-lithium alloy, low carbon steel, copper, stainless steel other metals; ABS, PC, POM, PEEK, PP, acrylic (PMMA), nylon, Teflon, PPS, nylon + glass fiber, etc. Plastic; carbon fiber other composite materials.

Size: Maximum 2200mm (Removal of parts is limited by size)

Quantity: Proofing batch processing

Surface treatment: sand blasting, hard anodizing, micro-arc oxidation, polishing, oil spraying, blackening, electroplating, vacuum plating, chemical plating, phosphating, passivation, screen printing, flower biting, etc.

Service capabilities:

Our company takes CNC processing technology as the core to provide you with high-quality processing manufacturing services. We have perfect manufacturing capabilities. Through the integration of our own processing capabilities industry manufacturing resources, we can provide you with the following services:

Rapid prototyping: rapid manufacturing of prototype models through CNC, 3D printing (SLA / SLS) other processes

CNC machining: CNC car, milling, drilling, grinding, sheet metal processing other processes

Molds: silicone molds, rapid molds, formal molds (casting, stamping, extrusion, injection, etc.)

Surface treatment: can achieve almost all surface treatment effects

It is impossible for any manufacturing enterprise to equip all the equipment processing capacity required by the process. For our outsourcing link, we can provide the same level of price as compared with directly contacting the corresponding manufacturer, but it will provide better Service guarantee delivery quality. Choose Huiwen, you will enjoy one-stop service with no worry.

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东莞非标零件加工Address: Building F3, Tianyou Chuangke Industrial Park, No. 2 Lixin Road, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
东莞机器人零件加工Mobile phone:13825275151

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