• 90+ production equipment

    90+ production equipment

  • 80+ team members

    80+ team members

  • 5000㎡ production base

    5000㎡ production base

  • Precision CMM Inspection

    Precision CMM Inspection

  • Huiwen· High and new technology enterprises

    Shenzhen Huiwen smart technology co.,LTD. is located in Bao 'an District, Shenzhen, with a production base area of about 5000 square meters, with nearly 90+CNC turning milling equipment, including Beijing Jingdiao, imported precision five-axis equipment, three-axis/four-axis machining center (computer gong), planer milling center, CNC lathe, precision grinder, wire cutting (fast/medium/slow wire)  other processing equipment. We have imported advanced testing equipment such as three coordinate, 2.5 dimension, height meter  perfect quality control system to provide you with high quality products.



      郑州Robot parts

      郑州Robot parts

      【Part name】 Light seven axis manipulator joint shell parts

      【Manufacturing process】 Multi-axis CNC machining

      【 Surface treatment 】 Spray 120# pearl sand + natural anodizing

      【 Material used 】 Aluminum alloy 7075

      【Machining equipment】 Five-axis CNC Machining center

      【 Precision requirements 】GB/T1804-2000

      【Product Features】Low density aviation imported aluminum alloy, high precision requirements, complex structural characteristics

      郑州Deep-sea product assembly

      郑州Deep-sea product assembly

      【 Part name】Deep sea Release assembly parts

      【 Manufacturing process】Precision turning & Milling

      【 Product features】 Hard material, high sealing requirements

      【 Materials used】 TC2 titanium alloy

      【 Surface treatment 】 Natural color

      【 [Machining equipment】 CNC Machining Center

      【 Accuracy requirement】Finishing, tolerance of key position up to ±0.03mm

      郑州Medical product parts

      郑州Medical product parts

      【 Part name 】 Medical rehabilitation robot end parts

      【 Material used 】 Stainless steel 630

      【Manufacturing process】 High precision CNC turning milling + precision mold process

      【 Surface treatment 】 Polishing

      【Processing equipment】 Five-axis brother machine

      【 Product features 】 Small size, national standard five grade accuracy

      郑州Communication product parts

      郑州Communication product parts

      【 Part name 】 Intelligent 5G communication non-standard equipment Light alloy parts

      【Manufacturing process】 CNC engraving milling

      【Product features】 Thin wall easy deformation

      【 Material used 】 Imported light alloy

      【Surface treatment】Natural hard anodizing to prevent surface oxidation corrosion of parts increase surface hardness.

      【Processing equipment】CNC machining center, drilling machine

      【precision size】 finishing, the tolerance of

    Huiwen· Core advantages

    Choose huiwen, you will enjoy the one-stop service of worry and effort !

    Strong strength and advanced equipment

    15 years of industry experience, building a high standard production service provider

    Technology accumulation of 15 years, with a stable CNC precision hardware processing technical team 5000 square meters of modern production base, accuracy up to ±0.005mm.

    90+ sets of advanced production equipment, more than 80 employees, white night shift work system, so that productivity has been improved.


    Advanced equipment


    Team member

    Emphasize quality

    We are committed to producing products that our customers can trust!

    The company is equipped with coordinate measuring machines  professional quality inspection personnel, with many years of quality control experience to strictly control the quality of products, issue quality inspection reports.

    The company has passed the ISO three system certification (ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment, ISO45001 occupational health),  strictly implement to ensure quality.


    Measuring machine


    Improved after-sales service and fast delivery

    Full service, fast delivery in 3-7 days

    Due to the quality problems caused by processing, we free repair  reprocessing,  bear all the resulting freight.

    Customized products, 3-7 days delivery, 7*12 hours online service, timely, meticulous  thoughtful.


    Fast delivery


    Comprehensive after-sales service

    Huiwen Zhizao · Device images


    Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Huiwen smart technology co.,LTD. was founded in 2010, located in the entrepreneurial capital of Shenzhen, adjacent to T3 International Airport, is a technology-oriented, innovative manufacturing enterprise, focusing on robot machinery design, core parts manufacturing, assembly  other whole industry chain services. In 2021, it was rated as "high-tech enterprise", passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification  ISO45001 Occupational health  safety management system certification ",  has more than 20 patent certificates. Huiwen intelligent manufacturing technology plant covers an area of about 5000 square meters, more than 80 employees; The company is equipped with complete processing equipment, 3 axis /4 axis /5 axis CNC machining center (computer gong) CNC lathes, milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, etc. With three coordinate measuring instrument, 2.5 dimension, height  other advanced testing equipment. Relying on the technical background of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has long been deeply engaged in the field of robotics,  takes technological innovation as the core driving force to help the Wisen team master advanced manufacturing capabilities.........


    Production equipment


    Team member


    Production base



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