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Is it possible to machine parts with only 3D drawings? Why do I still need 2D drawings?

2024-04-08 14:17:21

1. Does Parts Processing Require 2D Drawings?

A: Yes. Many Customers Have Such Questions. 3D Drawings Contain Rich Information. All Data Of The Part Shape Can Be Directly Obtained In The 3D Model, The Geometric Shape Of The Part Can Be Intuitively Seen. However, 2D Drawings Are Generally Required For Processing. 3D Cannot Accurately Express The Size Of Each Place, As Well As The Relationship Between The Size Of Each Part The Reference Surface! 2D Drawings Can Effectively Express These Things! As An Experienced Master. Looking At 2D Drawings Can Also Easily Understand The Appearance Of The Workpiece! For Some Machined Parts With More Complex Structures, Requiring Special Materials Special Surface Treatments , 2D Drawings Are Needed At This Time To Check The Specific Tolerances Other Requirements In Order To Accurately Calculate The Price.

In Addition To The Above Situations, 2D Drawings Are Also Needed. Parts Processing Quality Inspection Are Also Inevitable. Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Has 12 Years Of Processing Experience, Profound Technical Accumulation Experienced Technicians In The Industry. It Has Long Provided CNC Precision Processing With An Accuracy Of Up To ±0.01mm. It Supports The Processing Of Products Made Of Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Steel Various Plastic Materials. Customized According To Drawings Samples! Welcome Customers To Visit Us!

Huiwen Processing Workshop

① 2D Drawing Information Is More Concise

Although The 3D Diagram Has An Intuitive Structure A Clear Relationship Between Parts, It Can Help Explain Some Structural Problems. Even People Who Have Learned Mechanical Professional Knowledge Can Have A General Understanding Of The Parts Through 3D Diagrams. However, It Is Difficult To Describe The Material Selection, Hardness Requirements, Dimensional Stability Requirements At Different Temperatures, Welded Parts Fracture Structure, Strength Requirements, Fusion Size, Etc. Of The Parts Through 3D Diagrams.

2D Drawings Are The Best Way To Communicate Part Process Technology. A 2D Drawing With Dimensions, GD&T, Title Blocks Annotations Can Contain All The Information Needed To Manufacture A Part.

Information Included In Standard 2D Drawings: Technical Parameters, Materials, Quantities, Tolerances, Post-Processing

Providing Standard 2D Drawings Will Help You Quickly Understand Your Processing Needs.

2D drawings must specify requirements

② 2D Drawings Are More Useful For Quality Inspection

2D Drawings Are Important Reference Documents For Quality Inspection. After The Parts Are Processed, The Quality Inspection Department Will Conduct Another 100% Inspection, Only After They Pass The Inspection Will They Be Delivered To The Warehouse For Shipment. At This Time, The Quality Inspection Engineer Will Only Be Able To Conduct Quality Inspection With 2D Drawings, 3D Drawings Are Useless.

2. What To Do If You Lack 2D Drawings?

When Your Order Cannot Be Processed Due To Lack Of 2D Drawings, You Can Use 3D Software To Automatically Generate 2D Drawings 3D Models. Currently, 3D Software That Supports Automatic Generation Of 2D Drawings Include Solidworks, UG, ProE, Etc.


If You Think Making 2D Drawings Is Time-Consuming, Don't Worry, We Can Provide Drawing Services.

Before You Produce The Drawing, You Need To Confirm That The 3D Drawing Is Prepared Correctly Provide The Following Information:

All Threaded Holes

Special Requirements For Parts

Surface Roughness, Flatness Unmarked Dimensional Tolerances

The Matching Relationship Between Parts

Parts Application Scenarios, Environments, Functions, Lifespan, Etc.

Three-dimensional detection

3. Is It Okay To Have 2D Drawings But No 3D?

A: No. Processing Requires A Comprehensive Evaluation Of 2D+3D. Although 2D Is Accurate Can Easily Express The Size Of Each Position, It Is Very Important For Processing. Moreover, The Drawings You See In The Workshop Are All 2D, While Most Industrial Designs Use 3D Drawings. In Machining , 3D Is Directly Used For Programming Plays An Equally Important Role. If Some Simpler Products Do Need 3D Drawings, They Can Be Processed Through 2D Drawings, Such As Some Flat Products; Others Require 3D Drawings.

The Following Formats Are Supported:

3D: STEP (.Step .Stp), IGS;

2D: Dwg, Pdf.

The Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. Team Was Established In 2010, Focusing On Robot Mechanical Design, Core Component Manufacturing, Assembly Other Full-Industry Chain Services. It Was Rated As A National High-Tech Enterprise In 2021, Has Passed The ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, Has More Than 20 Patents. Relying On The Technical Background Of The Chinese Academy Of Sciences, The Company Has Been Deeply Involved In The Field Of Robotics For A Long Time, Taking Innovative Technology As The Core Of The Driving Force, Helping The Huiwen Team To Master Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities. It Has Accumulated Rich Project Experience In Many Fields Such As Robotics, Aerospace, Marine Equipment, Medical Equipment, Smart Cars, Etc., Has Won High Recognition Scientific Technological Innovation Companies Well-Known Scientific Research Institutions Such As Huawei, Siasun, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Companies, Beijing Institute Of Technology, The Chinese Academy Of Sciences. We Sincerely Welcome Chinese Foreign Customers To Visit Us. The Company Is Willing To Cooperate With You Sincerely To Create Brilliance Together!

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