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Why are 5-axis machining centres so expensive for external machining?

2024-04-28 16:37:42

Nowadays, More More Processing Companies Use Five-Axis Processing Technology CNC Equipment, Mainly Because They Value The Processing Advantages Of Five-Axis Equipment. The Five-Axis Machining Center Is A CNC Machine Tool With High Processing Accuracy Efficiency. Its External Processing Fee Is Generally Higher Than That Of Ordinary Machine Tools Such As Three-Axis, Which Is Caused By Its High Technical Content Equipment Cost.

First Of All, The Five-Axis Machining Center Machine Needs To Use Advanced CAD/CAM Software To Design Program, Which Requires A High Level Of Technical Skills Experience, Labor Costs Technical Costs. This Is One Of The Reasons For The High Cost Of Five-Axis External Processing.

Five-axis external machining

Secondly, The Equipment, Tools Materials Required For Five-Axis Linkage Machining Are Relatively Expensive. At The Same Time, The Operating Technology Maintenance Costs Are Also Relatively Expensive. This Is The Main Reason For The High Cost Of Five-Axis Machining.

Finally, The Use Scope Of Five-Axis Machining Machines Is Usually Some Fields With Relatively High Requirements For Part Precision Quality, Such As Medical Equipment, Aerospace, Robots, Automobile Manufacturing, Etc. These Fields Have Very High Requirements For The Precision Firmness Of Parts. Five-Axis Part Processing Can Generally Reach 0.001~0.1mm; The Processing Quality Is Stable Reliable. When Processing The Same Batch Of Parts, On The Same Machine Tool, Under The Same Processing Conditions, Using The Same Tool Processing Program, The Tool Path Is Exactly The Same, The Parts Have Good Consistency Stable Quality. High Productivity, Five-Axis Machining Center Can Effectively Reduce The Processing Time Auxiliary Time Of Parts, Effectively Save Labor. Therefore, The Tolerance For Five-Axis Processing Costs Is Relatively High.

In Fact, The High External Costs Of Five-Axis Machining Are A Bad Thing. On The Contrary, It Also Reflects The Significant Advantages Brought By Advanced Technology High-Quality Manufacturing.

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