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Machining is so expensive, why choose it anyway?

2024-04-03 17:12:42

First, Let's Understand What Machining Is . Machining Refers To The Process Of Changing The Size Performance Of A Workpiece Through A Mechanical Device. Machining Includes : Turning, Milling, Drilling, Planing, Grinding, Shearing, Etc.

Machining Requires High Investment In Terms Of Cost, The Processing Cost Is Relatively High. The Accuracy Of Machining Depends On The Experience Skills Of The Operator. Improper Operation Can Easily Lead To Unstable Part Accuracy Even Errors, Resulting In Losses Of The Entire Production Line. Machining Requires Manual Operation Is Less Efficient Than Automated Production Lines. When Processing Small Batches Of Parts, The Efficiency Of Machining Is Even Lower. Overall, The Shortcomings Of Machining Mainly Come The Three Aspects Of Cost, Accuracy Production Efficiency. It Is Precisely Because Of This That Machining Is More Expensive, But Why Choose Machining?

Precision Machining

1. No Mold Required

Machining Does Require Mold Design Production, Has A Great Degree Of Freedom; It Can Be Processed Directly According To The Drawing, Which Greatly Saves The Initial Research Development Funds;

2. High Precision

Machining Can Achieve High-Precision Processing, Which Is Unmatched By Other Processing Methods. For Some Very Fine Parts, Machining Can Be As Fine As 0.01 Mm Even Smaller. Huiwen Zhizao Is A Machining Factory With More Than Ten Years Of CNC Processing Experience . It Has A Full Range Of Equipment, CNC Lathe/Milling/Grinding/Drilling/Processing. Partners With Parts Processing Needs Are Welcome To Call Us For Quotation

3. Quality

Parts Made By Die Casting, Forging Other Processes, Even After Surface Treatment, Still Do Look As Good As Those Made By Machining. Machining Is Also Suitable For Secondary Processing Such As Product Deburring, Drilling, Surface Treatment.

4. High Efficiency

The Production Speed Of Mechanical Processing Is Relatively Fast, A Large Number Of Processing Tasks Can Be Completed In A Short Time, Which Improves Production Efficiency. At The Same Time, Mechanical Processing Has High Stability Will Cause Loss Of Processing Quality Due To Human Factors.

5. Diversification

The Objects Of Machining Are Very Wide, Ranging Simple Small Parts To Complex Machines Equipment. Machining Is Adaptable To Different Materials Shapes.

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