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Wisepacs 3rd Group Building Cup Table Tennis Team Competition 丨Wisepacs Table Tennis Team Competition is a superb tournament!

2023-12-20 10:06:57

In The Days When The Cold Winter Comes Quietly

Huiwen Held The Third "Team Building Cup" Table Tennis Team Competition It Came To An End

Dear Little Cuties, Come Watch.

PS: The Production Department Needs To Catch Up With The Progress, So I Am Participating Yet. I Look Forward To The Next Time~

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Competition Process

After A Short Warm-Up, The Two Teams Officially Began The Game. The Captains Of The Two Teams Opened The Game. The Captain Of The First Team Moved Quickly Attacked Fiercely. The Arc Of The Table Tennis Ball On The Table Was Like A Nimble Flying Dragon. The Captain Of The Second Team Was Impatient Began To Counterattack. In The Exciting Duel Of Spin, Counter-Kill, Smash, Backspin, Lift Smash, Cheers Rose The Audience.

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

Next, The Players Faced Off Against Each Other One By One. The Two Teams Competing For The Championship Were Equally Strong. Players Both Sides Showed Their Best Skills Did Take Any Ball Lightly.

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

After Several Rounds, There Were Waves Of Cheers The Audience. The Wonderful Skills Displayed By The Players Both Sides Made Everyone Burst Into Warm Applause.

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

In The End, Team 2 Defeated Team 1 In Total Points Won The Championship Of The Third "Team Building Cup" Table Tennis Team Competition. ▼

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

The Most Exciting Part Is The Lucky Draw Session, The Group Champions Will Have Gifts To Draw: Cash Red Envelopes, Brand Gift Packages (Small Speakers, Towels, Yogurt Gift Boxes, Snack Gift Packages), Full Attendance Award Doubling Coupons, Lateness Cancellation Coupons, Etc.

Everyone Will Participate, Everyone Will Win. All Participants Will Receive A Sportsmanship Award: A Beautiful Gift/Person + A Lucky Draw/Person. Everyone Will Win A Prize. Congratulations Again To All The Colleagues Who Won The Award.

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

Table Tennis Training Is Something That Can Be Achieved Overnight. How To Balance Work Hobbies Requires More Consideration. Table Tennis Is An Excellent Way To Relieve Stress At Work, It Is Also A Sport That Is Strongly Advocated Today. We Should Make Our Country A Sports Power Through Our Own Efforts. To Win, First, We Must Train Hard At Ordinary Times; Second, We Must Keep A Stable Mentality Work Together During The Game; Third, We Must Be Arrogant When We Win Be Discouraged When We Lose, Recognize Our Shortcomings In Time.

2. Food Karaoke

After The Table Tennis Match, We Shared Delicious Food Laughter. If Delicious Food Is The Pinnacle Of Atmosphere, Then The Next Stop Is The Pinnacle Of The Pinnacle - The Ceiling Of The Atmosphere Of Being A Great Hidden Person In The World Making A Big Splash Is The Moment Of Singing.

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

It Is Well Known That KTV Is A Place The Most Talented People Gather. Here, You Will See People Who Are Usually Good At Speaking, But Once They Open Their Mouths, They Will Start To Sing Heavenly Music That Will Amaze Everyone. You Can Also See People Who Are Usually Serious, But Once They Come Here, They Can't Sit Down Let Themselves Go. However, Because Of This, KTV Has Become A Choice For Everyone To Release Stress Relax.

Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

During This Team Building Process, Everyone Fully Experienced The Power Of The Collective Felt The Value Of Themselves The Team. More Importantly, We Established A Deeper Friendship In This Process Became Closer To Each Other In Spirit. It Effectively Enhanced The Team Awareness Collaboration Ability Among Members Promoted Mutual Understanding, Trust Communication Among Employees. I Believe That In The Future Work, We Will Unite More Closely Work Together To Promote The Development Of The Company Safeguard The Long-Term Future Of The Company.

The Shenzhen Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. Team Was Established In 2010, Focusing On Robot Mechanical Design, Core Component Manufacturing, Assembly Other Full-Industry Chain Services. It Was Rated As A National High-Tech Enterprise In 2021, Has Passed The ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, Has 16 Patents. Relying On The Technical Background Of The Chinese Academy Of Sciences, The Company Has Been Deeply Involved In The Field Of Robotics For A Long Time, Taking Innovative Technology As The Core Driving Force, Helping The Huiwen Team Master Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities. It Has Accumulated Rich Project Experience In Many Fields Such As Robotics, Aerospace, Marine Equipment, Medical Equipment, Smart Cars, Etc., Has Won High Recognition Scientific Technological Innovation Companies Well-Known Scientific Research Institutions Such As Huawei, Siasun, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Companies, Beijing Institute Of Technology, The Chinese Academy Of Sciences. We Sincerely Welcome Chinese Foreign Customers To Visit Us. The Company Is Willing To Cooperate With You Sincerely To Create Brilliance Together!

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