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What Are The Advantages Characteristics Of Turning Milling Composite Processing?

2024-06-03 14:02:45

CNC Lathe Machining Centers, Especially Turning Milling Complex Machining, As The Epitome Of High-End CNC Technology, Have Attracted Attention For Their Excellent Performance Unique Advantages. This Type Of Equipment Is Dominated By European Powers Such As Germany, Switzerland Italy. It Integrates Multiple Process Technologies Such As Turning, Milling, Drilling, Gear Milling, Broaching, Trimming. It Also Has Functions Such As Clamping Compensation, Lateral Processing, Real-Time Measurement, Which Makes It Possible To Efficiently Produce Complex Parts . Multi-Station Multi-Spindle Technology Has Significantly Improved The Processing Efficiency Of Large Quantities Of High-Precision Parts. Compared With General-Purpose Machine Tools, The Production Efficiency Can Be Increased To Seconds, Which Can Be Called A Treasure Of Precision Manufacturing .

Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Has 12 Years Of Processing Experience, Profound Technical Accumulation Experienced Technicians In The Industry. It Has Long Provided CNC Lathe/Milling/Grinding/Drilling/ Precision Processing . The Processing Accuracy Of Complex Parts Can Be As High As ±0.01mm. It Supports The Processing Of Products Made Of Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Steel Various Plastic Materials. Customized According To Drawings Samples! Welcome Customers To Visit Us!

Turning  milling

Turning Milling Composite Processing Has The Following Advantages Characteristics:

1. Shorten The Product Manufacturing Process Chain Improve Production Efficiency.

Turning Milling Can Be Equipped With A Variety Of Special Tools New Tool Arrangements To Reduce Tool Change Time Improve Processing Efficiency. Turning Milling Can Complete All Most Of The Processing Steps In One Clamping, Thereby Greatly Shortening The Product Manufacturing Process Chain. This Only Reduces The Production Auxiliary Time Caused By Clamping Changes, But Also Reduces The Tooling Fixture Manufacturing Cycle Waiting Time, Which Can Significantly Improve Production Efficiency.

More Special Processing Tools Can Be Loaded In CNC Lathe Processing. The Tool Arrangement Is Completely Different That Of Traditional CNC Processing Machinery. It Can Greatly Reduce The Tool Change Time Improve Processing Efficiency. Turning Milling Compound Processing Can Complete All Most Of The Processing Steps In One Clamping, Thereby Greatly Shortening The Product Manufacturing Process Chain.

2. Reduce The Number Of Clamping Times Improve Processing Accuracy.

The Reduction In The Number Of Clamping Times Avoids The Accumulation Of Errors Caused By The Conversion Of Positioning References. At The Same Time, Most Of The Current Turning Milling Composite Processing Equipment Has The Function Of Online Detection, Which Can Realize The On-Site Detection Precision Control Of Key Data In The Manufacturing Process, Thereby Improving The Processing Accuracy Of The Product; The High-Strength Integrated Bed Design Improves The Gravity Processing Capability Of Difficult-To-Cut Materials Greatly Improves The Processing Accuracy Of Complex Parts.

During Turning Milling, The Tool Performs Intermittent Cutting, Which Can Obtain Relatively Short Cutting For Workpieces Made Of Any Material, Is Easy To Automatically Remove Chips. In Addition, Intermittent Chip Cutting Can Give The Tool Sufficient Time To Cool, Reduce Thermal Deformation Of The Workpiece, Increase The Service Life Of The Tool. Compared With Traditional CNC Machine Tools, Turning Milling Have Higher Speeds, Better Cutting Product Quality, Reduced Cutting Forces, Improving The Accuracy Of Thin-Walled Rods Slender Rods, High Workpiece Forming Quality.

Since The Cutting Speed Can Be Decomposed Into The Rotation Speed Of The Workpiece The Rotation Speed Of The Tool, According To The Mechanical Characteristics, The Same Processing Effect Can Be Achieved By Increasing The Rotation Speed Of The Tool Reducing The Rotation Speed Of The Workpiece. This Feature Is Particularly Effective For The Processing Of Large Forging Blanks, Because Reducing The Speed Of The Forging Blank Can Eliminate The Vibration Caused By The Eccentricity Of The Workpiece The Periodic Change Of The Radial Cutting Force, Thereby Ensuring Smooth Cutting Of The Workpiece Reducing Errors In Workpiece Processing.

When Turning Milling Machine Tools Process Workpieces, The Low Rotation Speed Of The Workpiece Can Effectively Reduce The Centrifugal Force Of The Workpiece, Avoid Deformation Of The Workpiece, Help Improve The Processing Accuracy Of The Parts. Using A Larger Longitudinal Feed In Turning Milling Can Also Achieve Fine Cutting, The Surface Roughness Can Also Be Effectively Guaranteed. Turning Milling Compound Processing Can Use Different Methods Such As Turning, Milling, Drilling, Boring To Achieve Workpiece Processing. The Workpiece Can Also Be Clamped Once To Complete Multi-Faceted Processing Tasks To Ensure Processing Accuracy.

Complex parts processing

3. Reduce Floor Space Lower Production Costs.

The Compact Beautiful Appearance Design Improves The Space Utilization, Maintenance Repair Are More Convenient To Satisfy Customers; Although The Price Of A Single CNC Lathe Processing Equipment Is Relatively High, Due To The Shortening Of The Manufacturing Process Chain The Reduction Of Equipment Required For The Product, As Well As The Reduction Of The Number Of Fixtures, Workshop Floor Space Equipment Maintenance Costs, It Can Effectively Reduce The Overall Fixed Asset Investment, Production Operation Management Costs. The Compact Appearance Design Improves The Utilization Of The Site Is More Convenient In Maintenance, Which Plays A Good Role In Controlling The Production Operation Costs Of CNC Lathe Processing Greatly Improves The Efficiency Of CNC Lathe Processing.

Huiwen Intelligent Manufacturing Sincerely Works With Your Company To Create A Better Tomorrow On Time, According To Quality Quantity! Our Customers Are All Over The Country. Our Positioning Is To Use More Than 10 Years Of Accumulated Processing Experience Process Innovation Capabilities To Provide The Best Quality Services To Units With Manufacturing Processing Needs. On This Basis, We Hope To Provide Full Industry Chain Services For Various Enterprises, Colleges Scientific Research Institutions In The Field Of Robotics. Key Service Industries: Collaborative Robots, Underwater Robots (Marine Submarine Equipment), Nursing Robots, Special Robots, Medical Robots, Service Robots, Bipedal Robots, Other Types Of Robots; Other Industries: Intelligent Automation Equipment, Aerospace, Auto Parts, Other Industries With Mechanical Processing Needs. Partners With Parts Processing Needs Are Welcome To Call Us For Quotes!

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