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Customized industrial robot fastening device

Customized industrial robot fastening device

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  • Date of issue:2020-09-27
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Part name Customized industrial robot fastening device CNC machining aluminum alloy parts

Manufacturing process Four-axis CNC compound turning milling processing

Product Features High precision, easy to deform

Material used Aluminum alloy 7075-T6

7075 aluminum alloy is one of the strongest commercial aluminum alloys, usually called "duralumin", its hardness is better than mild steel. As a representative of the 7××× series aluminum-zinc-magnesium aluminum alloy, 7075 has the advantages of excellent mechanical properties good anode reaction. The disadvantage is poor welding performance stress corrosion tendency.

Surface treatment anodized gold

The anodizing process is simple, the solution is stable, the operation is convenient, the allowable range of impurity content is wide, the power consumption is low, the cost is low, it can almost be applied to the processing of aluminum various aluminum alloys, so it has been widely used in China.

Aluminum is a relatively active metal with a standard potential of -1.66v. It can naturally form an oxide film with a thickness of about 0.01 to 0.1 microns in the air. This oxide film is amorphous, thin porous, has poor corrosion resistance. However, if aluminum its alloys are placed in an appropriate electrolyte, the aluminum product is used as the anode, an oxide film is formed on the surface under the action of an external current. This method is called anodic oxidation.

Benefits after treatment

1. Strong texture: super metal texture: high-end, beautiful shining;

2. Low specific gravity: the specific gravity is only one third of stainless steel;

3. Scratch resistance: surface hardness reaches sapphire level;

4. Strong anti-fouling: no fingerprints left after touching;

5. Antistatic: antistatic, no dust suction easy to clean;

6. Good fire prevention: environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely fireproof;

7. UV resistance: good weather resistance UV resistance;

8. Non-fading: the color is uniform non-fading;

9. Strong hardness: special alloy series products. Anodized aluminum alloy plates have high requirements on aluminum substrates, the purity requirements of aluminum materials used as anodized aluminum are quite high.

Processing equipment Four-axis CNC machining center , CNC lathe

Processing equipment types: three-axis CNC machining center, four-axis CNC machining center, five-axis CNC machining center, gantry milling machining center, drilling tapping machine, CNC lathe, precision grinder, molding press, autoclave, western machine, fast wire cutting Machine, middle wire cutting machine, slow wire cutting machine other processing equipment.

Precision size Finishing, precision is required to be ±0.01mm; size is 150mm*82mm*126mm

Precision types: finishing, ultra- precision machining , finishing, semi-finishing, roughing, finishing, rough grinding, fine grinding, other (optional)

Size: can be customized

【Quantity Delivery Time】

Sample (1 piece minimum order): 2-7 days;      

Small medium batch processing: 7-20 days;      

Mass production: 20-35 days

Customers make a total of 60 pieces, 5 samples are delivered in 8 days, batches are delivered in 25 days.

CNC machining


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