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Tool radius compensation for cnc machining


1. The concept of tool radius compensation is just like the use of tool length compensation. Basically, the length of the tool does need to be considered during programming. Because of the radius compensation of the tool, we can consider too much the diameter of the tool during programming. Tool length compensation is applicable to all tools, tool radius compensation is generally only used for milling cutters. When the outer inner part of the workpiece is processed by the milling cutter, the radius compensation of the cutting tool is used. When the end face of the workpiece is processed by the end mill, only the tool length compensation is required. Because tool radius compensation is a command that is difficult to understand use, many people refuse to use it in programming. But once we understand master it, it will bring great convenience to our programming processing.

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When the programmer prepares to compile a program that uses a milling cutter to process a cnc to process the shape of the workpiece, first of all, it is necessary to carefully calculate the coordinate values according to the shape of the workpiece the radius of the tool to clear the path taken by the tool center. The tool radius used at this moment is only the radius value of this milling cutter. When the hard work is completed, it is found that this milling cutter is suitable for changing to other diameter tools. The programmer must work hard to calculate the tool center scratch. The coordinate value of the road taken. This is a big problem for a simple workpiece. It is too difficult to recalculate a mold with a messy shape.

The contour machining of a workpiece is divided into rough machining finishing machining, so that after the rough machining program is compiled, the rough machining is completed. Due to the rough machining, the external dimensions of the workpiece have changed, then the coordinate value of the tool center of the finishing machining has to be calculated, the workload is greater. At this moment, if tool radius compensation is used, these troubles are easily solved. We can neglect the tool radius program according to the workpiece size, then put the cnc machining tool radius as the radius compensation in the radius compensation register. Temporary replacement of the milling cutter rough finish machining can be performed. We only need to change the tool radius compensation value to control the size of the workpiece. The program is basically used for a little correction.

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2. Application of tool radius compensation The application of tool radius compensation is performed through commands G41 G42. There are two directions of compensation, that is, the left right sides of the tool cutting feed direction are straight, which is consistent with the left right hand rules; G41 is the left compensation the left hand rule; G42 is the right compensation the right hand rule is used, radius compensation When using G41 G42 for radius compensation, special attention should be paid to the tool movement direction coordinates to make the compensation useful. The starting position of the tool with radius compensation is very important, if the path is processed by an improper tool, it is easy to make mistakes


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