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What are the common problems in cnc processing?


For the raw materials of high-efficiency metal materials cutting, cutting tools cutting specifications are the three key elements. This decision made the processing time, tool life processing quality. -A variety of economically developed processing methods must be an effective choice for cutting specifications.

The three elements of CNC lathe machining cutting specifications: cutting speed, feed rate cutting depth immediately form special tool damage. With the increase in laser cutting rate, the knife temperature will rise, which may cause mechanical equipment, organic chemistry thermal damage. The cutting speed is increased by 20%, the tool life is reduced by 1/2.

The feed specification is related to the damage of the back of the tool to a small extent. However, the feed rate is large, the cutting temperature increases, the side rear damage is large. It is less harmful to special tools than cutting speed. Although deep cutting has no harm to cutting speed feed rate, in the case of small deep cutting, the hardened layer is formed by cutting raw materials, which also endangers the service life of the tool. However, in the operation process, the choice of tool life for CNC lathe machining is related to tool damage, changes in machining standards, process performance, cutting noise quenching tempering treatment. When the processing specifications are clear, it is necessary to carry out scientific research according to the specific situation. For raw materials that are difficult to process, such as stainless steel plates heat-resistant alloys, CNC lathes are processed with cryogenic fluids stiffness cutter heads.

Aluminum alloy 6061 automation equipment parts

The function of CNC machining center Comprehensive CNC machining center is a kind of CNC machining machine tool with full functions. It concentrates the functions of milling, boring, drilling, tapping thread cutting on a single device, so that it has multiple craftsmanship. The machining center is equipped with a tool magazine, which stores different numbers of various tools inspection tools, which are actively selected replaced by programs during the machining process. The degree of initiative of the CNC machining center is high. After the workpiece is clamped once on the machining center, the digital control system can control the machine tool to choose according to different processes.

replace tools, actively change the machine tool spindle speed, feed rate, tool orbit relative to the workpiece other auxiliary functions, in order to complete the multi-process processing on several surfaces of the workpiece, have a variety of tool change tool selection functions. Feeding speed is an important parameter in the cutting amount of CNC machine tools. It is mainly selected according to the machining accuracy appearance roughness requirements of the parts the material properties of the tool workpiece.

Aluminum alloy robot parts

The large feed speed is constrained by the machine tool rigidity the performance of the feed system. The criteria for determining the feed rate: When the quality requirements of the workpiece can be guaranteed, in order to improve production efficiency, a higher feed rate can be selected. Generally, it is selected within the range of 100-200mm / min; when blocking, processing deep holes processing with high-speed steel tools, it is advisable to choose a lower feed rate, generally within the range of 20-50mm / min; when the processing accuracy, appearance When the roughness requirements are high, the feed speed should be selected smaller, generally within the range of 20-50mm / min; when the tool is empty, especially when the distance is "zero", the machine tool CNC system can set the Zui high feed speed.


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