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What is the difference between CNC machining die casting of aluminum housing?


CNC machining skills of aluminum casing refer to CNC machine tool processing, which is processed by mechanical equipment under the intelligent operation of electronic computers. Aluminum casing can maintain some common redundant appearance processing under such processing techniques, such as bevel cutting, non-penetrating It can be said that the forceful pattern texture craftwork carving, the opening of the aluminum metal sheet metal bending hole, the appearance treatment of the non-planar plan, etc., even if it is even more stringent unmanageable, it can be carried out under CNC processing. For these aluminum shell processing plants that are custom-made with humanization high regulations, it is generally inevitable to apply to this type.

Aluminum alloy 5052 parts processing

The die-casting process is to use the inner wall of the abrasive tool to release the high pressure on the molten metal material. For this reason, the actual effect of the surface layer similar to the abrasive tool occurs. Under the die-casting process, some simple openings pattern forming work can be carried out. The relative CNC The cost of processing is lower, but it is impossible to start the more complicated appearance treatment.

Die-casting is only cheap in terms of price, but also has a much better appearance effect than CNC machining. It can do a variety of appearance treatments. Because the die-casting mold is relatively precise, the product's role is somewhat different. Each of these two processing techniques for aluminum casings has its own characteristics. They are indispensable skills in the production operation of aluminum casing processing manufacturers. Both of them can complement each other allow manufacturers to provide customers with better quality services.

Black oxide parts processing

UAV parts processing, precision parts processing, hardware processing options Shenzhen Huiwenzhi Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., our company's main shell processing, four-axis five-axis processing, metal parts processing, aluminum alloy processing, etc. Mainly serve the fields of intelligent robot, aviation, automobile industry, medical equipment, microwave communication so on. Welcome to inquire!


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