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Monitoring adjustment of cnc parts during processing


After aligning the workpiece debugging the program, it can enter the active machining stage. During the active machining process, the operator should monitor the cutting process to avoid the occurrence of abnormal workpiece quality problems other accidents.

The monitoring of the cutting process mainly considers the following aspects:

Machining process monitoring The primary consideration for rough machining is the rapid removal of excess surplus on the surface of the workpiece. In the active machining process of the machine tool, according to the set cutting amount, the machine will actively cut according to the predetermined cutting track. At this time, the operator should pay attention to the cutting load table to investigate the cutting load change in the active machining process, adjust the cutting amount according to the bearing capacity of the tool, exert the high power of the machine tool. Monitoring of the cutting sound during the cutting process In the active cutting process, when starting cutting, the sound of the cutting workpiece is stable, continuous brisk, the movement of the machine tool is stable at this time.

Engine housing

As the cutting process progresses, when there are hard spots on the workpiece the tool is worn the tool is fed, the cutting process is unstable.The performance of the instability is that the cutting sound changes the tool the workpiece will collide with each other. Hey, the machine tool will be sensational. At this time, the cutting amount cutting conditions should be adjusted in time. When the adjustment effect is obvious, the machine tool should be suspended to check the status of the knife the workpiece. The finishing process is monitored to monitor the finishing. The first thing is to ensure the processing size appearance quality of the workpiece, the cutting speed is high. , The feed amount is larger. At this time, attention should be paid to the influence of built-up edge on the processing appearance. Regarding the processing of the cavity, attention should be paid to the machining cutting at the corner.

Composite carbon fiber parts

Regarding the solution of the above problems, one is to pay attention to adjusting the spraying direction of the cutting fluid, so that the cnc processing appearance is always in cooling conditions; the second is to pay attention to investigating the quality of the processed surface of the I part, after adjusting the cutting amount, avoid the quality as much as possible. change. If the adjustment still has no obvious effect, you should stop to check whether the original program is compiled reasonably. In particular, pay attention to the orientation of the tool when pausing stopping to view. If the tool stops during the cutting process, the sudden spindle stop will cause a tool mark on the surface of the workpiece. Generally, the shutdown should be considered when the cutting state is open. The quality of the tool with monitoring largely determines the processing quality of the workpiece. In the active machining cutting process, it is necessary to determine the normal wear abnormal damage of the tool through sound monitoring, cutting time control, pause viewing during the cutting process, analysis of the appearance of the workpiece. According to the processing requirements, the tool should be processed in time to avoid the processing quality problem caused by the tool being processed in time.

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